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Instagram Adds Pronoun Section To User Profiles

Instagram users will now be able to specify their gender identity on their accounts, after the platform has launched a dedicated section on account profiles that allows you to share pronouns. The new feature, which was announced on Tuesday, allows users to share up to four pronouns selected from a pre-approved list of common pronouns including she, he, they, ze and more. This feature is only available in a few countries for now but will surely be expanding quickly.

The company have said users can edit or remove their pronouns at any time and can fill out a form to have a pronoun added if it is not included in the apps pre-approved list. Users will also be able to decide if they want pronouns shared publicly or exclusively with their followers. Dating apps like Tinder have allowed this feature for quite some time and Instagram’s parent company Facebook has had the feature since 2014, so it’s safe to say this feels like a long overdue addition to the platform. This addition is completely optional and when implicated users pronouns will be displayed in faded text under your profile name. Despite the fact that this feature isn’t available in New Zealand quite yet, ee are super stoked that apps like Insta are making more effort to be inclusive to their users and we certainly hope that more apps will follow suit! Here are the pre-approved pronouns that are available for the initial roll-out of this feature: · co / cos · e / ey / em / eir · fae / faer · he / him / his · she / her / hers · mer / mers · ne / nir / nirs · nee / ner / ners · per / pers · they / them / theirs · thon / thons · ve / ver / vis · vi / vir · xe / xem / xyr · ze / zie / zir / hir

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