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Netflix NZ subscription prices are going up!

Netflix are hiking their prices in New Zealand, with the price of their most popular "standard" plan going up by 13 per cent, or $2, to $16.99 a month.

Their basic plan, which does not offer programmes in high-definition, is going up by 50 cents to $11.99.

But the biggest increase will be for its ultra-HD premium plan, which will go up 19 per cent or $3.50, to $21.99.

Industry sources estimated Netflix had between 700,000 and 800,000 customers in New Zealand.

The first price rise, in 2016, was largely accounted for by a law change that forced it to levy GST.

Netflix said in a statement that it changed its prices from time to time, and the new price rise reflected the "significant investments we've made in new TV shows and films – such as Sex Education and Stranger Things – as well as improvements to our product".

The price rises would take effect for new subscribers immediately while existing subscribers would see their bills go up "over the coming weeks", its statement said.

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