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Nui Breakfast with Blake!

Join Blake every Whanau for the Nui FM Breakfast show! He plays Great Tunes and keeps you company on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday!

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Joey, Hayley & Greer

Join Joey, Hayley & Greer every Monday during interval as they play some great tunes and keep us entertained. Don't forget to make a wish at 11.11 am! 

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Nathan & Michele

Have a Laugh during Lunchtime! Nathan & Michele are on air for 50 minutes with Entertainment and Laughter to kick off your week and then wrap up your week!

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Michele & Jett

Imagine the word Chaos. If this show isn't what you see, You should re-evaluate your thoughts! Catch Michele and Jett for a great laugh every Wednesday during Interval!


Rory & Daniel

Join Rory & Daniel every Thursdays during lunch for some great rock tunes and great banter

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Harley & Kortez

Join these lads every Thursday and Friday interval  for some funny banter and a laugh.

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